Services & Prices



A Fresh Body is a Fresh Mind for businesses, Webster Body Therapy also offers specialised services to all persons and professions. Business bookings and office visits are encouraged to emphasis efficiency and productivity in the workplace. The effects of massage are well known and have been proven through much research to increase blood flow, attention, concentration and overall well-being.

Email Scott for a free business consultation and in-depth discussion, I will research the main areas of concern for your employees and tailor my massages appropriately.

Webster Body Therapy Prices

First Appointment (1hr 20 minutes): 990kr
Consultation (20 minutes): 320kr
One hour Treatment: 850kr
40 minute Treatment: 650kr (advisable only after consultation)
Pregnancy Massage (1hr): 890kr
12 Visit card: 9200kr (1hr Treatments)
6 Visit card: 4700kr (1hr Treatments)
12 Visit card: 7000kr (40min Treatments)
6 Visit card: 3600kr (40min Treatments)
Kinesiology Taping: free with massage, or 80kr without Treatments
– Group and team prices negotiable.
Sport Specific Screening: 600kr Consultation.
Gift Cards: 700kr (1 hour only)