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Specilized Treatment and Training Price List: (Bookings with Scott)
(Currently Scott is fully booked. Please send an email to to be placed on his waiting list)

First Treatment:               1400kr (90minutes)
3x Treatment (60min):   2900kr
6x Treatment (60min):   5500kr
12x Treatment (60min)  11250kr
Presentkort (90min):      990

All sessions will involve a treatment and probably some gym/exercise work. A training program is often given as well and the use of Scott’s Personal user friendly Jounral Application where you can update your profile with comments, feedback receive message, training tips and videos on line and have access to your journal records.

Remedial Massage Therapy Price List: (Bookings with Liz)

60minute session:            850kr
3x 60min                           2350kr
6x 60min                           4800kr
12x 60min                        8900kr
Present Card: 700kr

Thank you for your interest and together we attain the ‘Balance is Strength’ motto.

Book here West Coast Elite, Norra Ågatan 40, 43137.