Strengthening Neck Muscles for Balance

Balance comes from many different areas of the body. Stabilising muscles are found in all areas of the body and they link together to keep us from falling over. Since they are linked, when one becomes weak, another must tighten up to compensate.

I have been treating many tight hamstrings recently and doing some research has lead me to this article (link below) for all to read. Explained and clear the basic principles are to be conscious of how the neck sits and its important role in how it is the starting point of balance when standing, walking and bending.

It is easy to active and release strain of the neck muscles that can easily cause hamstring tightness which leads to back pain also.
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Have you had that headache that starts at the back of the head and goes down into your neck and across the top of your head to the eyes?
Generally coming from a muscle called the ‘Splinus Capitus’, the pain is a referral pattern from the overuse of the muscle.

  1. Looking at our phones or computers too long will lengthen and leave the muscle inactive.
  2. The tension and weakness will finally become too much and the muscle will spasm.
  3. The attachment point at the base of your skull will become inflamed and thus cause radiating pain through the neck and over the head.
  4. Easily fixed with trigger point techniques, deep massage and mainly corrective exercises and posture.
  5. Webster massage is able to relieve your headaches easily and keep them away for good with some simple changes.
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Stress in Your Hip Flexors

Psoas and Illiacus Muscles 
Stress (cortisol hormone), muscle tightness, digestion, energy levels are all linked to this muscle group.

  1. They are the main muscles that make your walk, run, sit and stand.
  2. High amounts of cortisol and adrenilin are released into the muscle group as a response to stresses.
  3. If kept short by sitting at a desk, have reduced blood flow (not exercising), these hormones ‘pool’ in the muscle.
  4. Massage and special stretching techniques at Webster Massage can help you maintain a balance.
  5. Don’t become hunched over, stiff in your walk or build up stress. Release it today, visit to book a time.
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