Massage and Meditation

It has been a while since I have posted. The main reason for this is due to a hectic life, stress with sickness and a number of other personal things seemingly happening all at once in the month of February.
So, because of this, I want to remind, insight and talk about the benefits of massage on your state of mind – particularly anxiety.

I have attached two clinical trails below and a great article written by to show that the effects of massage and the enhanced effects when combined with meditation (or mindfulness if you prefer).
In short, a simple touch or hug is enough to release the happy hormones into our blood stream. With the release of dopamine and serotonin in this short term, anxiety and its dangerous effects are controlled and decreased. This combined with the physiological effects of meditation (reduction of inflammation levels, dilation of blood vessels, regulated heart rate, increases the immune system response, along with many more) has been shown to dramaticly improve quality of life and maintain a longer term decrease in anxiety levels.

The combination of the two is a no brainer. When you are stressed with work, family, sickness or life in general, look at treating yourself at either one or two of these options before you begin anything else.
It works for me, it works for terminally ill people and those facing the most server anxiety (such as radiation therapy for cancer).

For the nerds out there, here are two articles to read up on.

Quality of Life in late stage AIDS patients
Anxiety facing radiation therapy
And another must read… a complete list of the scientific benefits found in over 3000 studies on meditation by Giovanni at