Pec Minor! The Little Muscle Causing Big Problems!

If you work with a computer in an office environment, this is important for you. After spending a lot of time with office workers recently, I have been treating many issues, such as sore backs, a funny feeling in the arm and fingers, sore and tight necks, arms that won’t straighten above the head and many more.
The common factor in all of these are tight Pectorial Minors. This muscle goes from you first few ribs on top of your chest to a boney part of the shoulder blade at the from of the shoulder called the coracoid process. It also lies underneath the big chest muscle making it a little hard to find sometimes.

When the  muscle gets tight, it pulls the shoulder blade forward and brings a slight forward rotation also. This doesn’t allow the shoulder joint to perform correctly. The shoulder joint is extremely complex as it allows such amazing movement, in, out, up, down, and all around. So, when the joint cannot move correctly, then all sorts of other issues start to arise. This issues are all mentioned above, such as, a sore middle back, shoulder impingements, tingling down the arm and so on.

If you want to read more, check out this great article below, and if you work in an office, do the stretch below 3-4 times a day!