Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS) or träningsvärk på svenska. MASSAGE HELPS!

We know it as the painful feeling of walking down stairs the day after a heavy squat session or long run.
Ultimately, we are still unsure exactly what is the real reason for ‘DOMS’. What we do know is that MASSAGE creates extra blood flow on the local area through vessels and lymphatic system, thus, creating a healing environment for oedema, ischaemia, build up of by-products, directly or indirectly causing the pain.
The British Sports Medical Journal has stated that DOMS can be any one or more of the following;

  1. Accumulation of metabolic waste sensitising A delta and C fibres causing pain
  2. The exercise causing muscle ischemia causing the production of a pain substance. the pain causes a reflex spasm which induces a vicious cycle prolonging ischemia. 
  3. Exercise results in intramuscular oedema activating mechanoreceptors thus causing the pain.
  4. Eccentric exercise damages the connective tissue thus causing pain.
  5. Exercise leads to inflammatory by-products sensitising nerve endings
  6. The destruction of muscle finer liberates creatine kinase which causes pain. 

Reference; E.Ernest.
British Journal of Sports Medicine, 1998.