The SCM – Head Forward Posture


A simple and commonly occurring issue with so many people today is their Sternocleidomastoid or SCM for short.

This muscle goes from the boney part behind your ear-lobe to the middle of the collar bone and another section to the inner most part of the collar bone (basically on your throat).

This muscle pulls and twists your head forward and around to the sides. So, looking at your phone or a computer keyboard, you will be using this muscle.

Over time, this gets shorter and shorter. Stress and pressure build up in our shoulders and back of the neck to try and counteract this ‘head forward’ position.

The ultimate result is someone whose head sits forward, rounded shoulders, and possibly an arched back due to the rounded shoulders. More interestingly though, other symptoms can include a build up of tears in your eyes and a twitching of the eyelid as the SCM muscle when tight can affect the eye muscles through trigger points. Headaches are common as the deep neck muscles at the back become stressed from trying to pull the head back. Dizziness and imbalance can occur due to the head not sitting in line with the rest of the body (this will then affect your hamstrings as they will tighten so you don’t fall over!).

This muscle and syndrome is easily noticeable and treatable. If you know or this sounds familiar, getting massages regularly can pick up on this and prevent it and treat the symptoms.

Once every 4-6 weeks is recommended. Your body deserves it, you deserve it and you can live freer and happier.

Book on-line and look at treating yourself to a 6 treatment card to prevent your body holding you back!

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