The Modern Computer Neck

The muscles under the base of your skull (at the very top of your neck) are of immense importance to your over all health, flexibility and happiness.

The extensors (the muscles that make you look up) and the flexors (they make you tuck your chin into your neck to make the sexy ‘double’ chin) are becoming very imbalanced in all of us due to our so called ‘normal life’ habits of computers, driving, and phones.

However, help exists in the form of massage and simple exercises to correct the imbalances. If you or people you care about have any of the following;

  • Slumped shoulders,
  • Head reaching forward,
  • A tight chest
  • Trouble raising their hands above the head with straight elbows.

When corrected, benefits have been noticed in hamstring flexibility, clearer thinking, decrease of headaches and increased balance and posture.
For the nerd out there, have a read of the linked article, the best and simplest one I have found to express this information. Otherwise book a time now with Webster Massage